L450 P350 H1020 mm (P770mm with plate)
Standard arms: 4 (height adjustable)
Standard shelves: 4 (height adjustable)
Fabio Zunelli

Alpine Rack is dedicated to all mountain lovers who want to have a piece of ITALIAN Design where they can store their technical equipment
in a well-organized way (from accessories…. to clothing).
The structure is made with painted 25 mm metal pipes, JM joints and melamine tops.
The shelves can be freely positioned by the customer at the desired heights such as the arms.
Alpine Rack can be the first element of a modular structure entirely available from Joint Modular for
create integrated bookcases, shelves or furniture. It can be inserted in any environment, from the domestic area to the showroom of
a supplier of technical equipment.
The default color is opaque black but through the Service Joint Modular you can create a project based on
your needs and requirements, with different finishes thus giving shape to your ideas.

Packaging and Shipping:
Pit Stop is supplied disassembled with assembly instructions and keys.

(Equipment not included, used for illustrative purposes only)

Alpine Rack

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